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Malako was conceived out of the need for online availability of quality bedding, and home decoration products in India. We are your one-stop shopping destination for all bedding and home décor needs. We firmly stand by our resolution of delivering the quality that is unprecedented in all aspects of the word. We do not cut corners when it is about customer satisfaction. We make sure that when you shop online with us, you get exactly what you expect. It has been found over the years that our products will exceed your expectations but they will never let you down. This is what enables us to be the best where customer satisfaction is concerned. We owe our quality to a combination of two factors, namely, the quality of materials we use and stringent quality control procedures. The quality of the material used in each product that is delivered to you is the best; we ensure this because we are thorough with quality certifications for every batch of material that we receive. Our stringent quality control methods reject at least ten products before we can find one that we will put up for retail. We believe that every home deserves much more than what is offered currently by retailers (both online and offline).

We believe that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. And this is what makes our products unique, they are fabricated, designed and structured in a way that makes them bounds and leaps ahead of any foreseeable competition for the price point that they are offered at. It is our genuine concern that when you are shopping online for quality bedding that suits your lifestyle, that you find us and get more than you expect. It brings us joy to see happy customers leave feedbacks. We want to be industry leaders in delivering affordable quality for a large segment of people who have been dissuaded by extortion with the use of terms like “premium” and “exclusive”. We feel that quality should not come with a ridiculous price tag and that it is, at the core of its functionality the responsibility of any business to have an outreach to as many people as possible.

At Malako, we believe in touching people’s lives with our products (which our products quite literally do). We know that simple things in life are the most appreciated. Which is why, when we say, go ahead, place your first order today and you won’t regret the decision, we mean it. Because this is the kind of confidence that we have in our products. Our products are great for gifting too, when you want to give and spread joy, be that any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries or even as a token of appreciation for your employees. The price point for our products is also a factor. Gifting them bedding and home décor products from Malako is the way to go. Once you shop with Malako, you will never need to look beyond our exquisite range of products, ever.

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