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Bedding Laundry Mistakes: Expert Tips for a Cozy Night's Sleep

22 Oct 2023
Bedding Laundry Mistakes: Expert Tips for a Cozy Night's Sleep - MALAKO

We all know the feeling of dreading the laundry day, especially when it comes to washing our bedding. However, overlooking proper care can lead to common mistakes that not only damage our sheets but also affect the quality of our sleep. In this post, we'll explore the expert advice on avoiding these bedding laundry mistakes and ensuring your sheets continue to provide the comfort you deserve.

The Consequences of Neglect

Lazy laundry habits can result in uncomfortable nights and a hefty bill when it's time to replace damaged linens. Let's delve into the common mistakes we make and how we can rectify them.

1. Washing Bedding with Towels

Grouping bedding and towels together may seem convenient, but it's a recipe for disaster.

Anna Brakefield, a textiles expert, warns that this practice can strain and wear out your sheets.

Solution: Wash towels separately to prevent preventable damage.

2. Washing Bedding Too Big for Your Machine

Overloading your washing machine with large items like comforters can lead to inefficiency and potential damage.

Ron Shimek advises checking washing instructions and using commercial machines for oversized items.

Solution: Follow manufacturer's instructions for washing large bedding items.

3. Not Washing Your Bedding Enough

Rick Rome, founder of WashClub emphasizes the importance of regular washing, suggesting a weekly routine.

Parima Ijaz recommends the 'three-set rule' to make regular washing more manageable.

Solution: Establish a consistent washing schedule to prevent dirt buildup.

4. Using Too Harsh a Detergent

Harsh detergents can react with stains, changing colors and affecting the longevity of your sheets.

Anna Brakefield suggests using vinegar as an alternative to harsh detergents.

Solution: Opt for gentler detergents and consider vinegar for tough stains.

5. Using Too Much Detergent

Excessive detergent not only hampers cleanliness but can lead to skin irritation and a gummy feel.

Ron Shimek advises measuring the right amount for your materials and washing machine.

Solution: Use the recommended amount of detergent for effective and safe cleaning.

6. Ignoring Pilling

Pilling, those fabric balls we all dislike, can be prevented by removing lint before washing.

Will Cotter, founder of FreshSpace suggests using a fabric shaver or lint roller to maintain bedding quality.

Solution: Address pilling before washing to keep your sheets smooth.

7. Washing on Too High a Temperature

Hot washes may kill bacteria but harm cotton fibers, causing fading and shrinking.

Anna Brakefield recommends cool or warm wash cycles for cotton linens.

Solution: Opt for cooler wash cycles to preserve the quality of your sheets.

8. Not Refluffing Pillows

Fluffing pillows is essential for maintaining shape and ensuring a comfortable sleep experience.

Will Cotter suggests manual fluffing and using tennis balls in the dryer for effective results.

Solution: Prioritize fluffing to keep pillows plump and supportive.

9. Not Checking for Damage

Pre-wash inspections can identify wear-and-tear, preventing further damage during washing.

Will Cotter recommends checking for pilling, loose threads, and holes before washing.

Solution: Regularly inspect sheets for damage to prolong their lifespan.

By avoiding these common bedding laundry mistakes, you can extend the life of your sheets and enjoy a comfortable night's sleep. Taking the time to follow expert advice and incorporating proper care into your routine pays off in the long run, making the effort worthwhile.


1. What bedding can be washed together?

While washing bedding with laundry categories like clothes or towels should be avoided, it's generally safe to wash bedding with other bedding or blankets. Check labels for separate requirements.

2. Can I put a duvet and pillows in a washing machine?

Many duvets and pillows are machine washable but avoid over-filling your machine. Always check care labels, especially if the items are dry clean only.

3. How often should I wash my bed sheets?

Experts recommend washing sheets once a week, or twice in winter, to prevent the buildup of dirt, sweat, and oils.

4. What is the 'three-set rule' for bedding?

The 'three-set rule' involves having three sets of sheets in rotation – one on the bed, one in the wash, and one in the closet – to make regular washing easier.

5. How can I prevent damage to my sheets during washing?

Regularly inspect your sheets for damage before washing, addressing any fixable wear-and-tear to avoid worsening issues during the laundry process.

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